Video Evaluators

The video evaluator's job is to "grade" video for an assigned crew and thereby score the performance of that crew. The grading of the first game (Friday night) should be instructional, with the video evaluator breaking down the video with the crew and delivering training on how to break down and grade video. This training is designed to show officials what D-1 video graders are looking for, which types of actions jump out on video as "suspect" or positive, what gets a grader's attention (positively and negatively) and any other aspects to video grading that might be beneficial for officials to know. The video evaluator will then grade the game of an assigned crew for a Saturday game. That game will not be graded in the presence of the crew and will be graded subject to the same scrutiny as a D-1 game. The video evaluator may sit in on positional training meetings, observe games, etc. and should be prepared to offer feedback on input when asked. However video evaluators should not insert themselves into these situations and should always be respectful of the roles of the other staff members.

Chris Coyte

Referee (PAC-12)

Justin Nelson

Back Judge (PAC-12)

Marvel July

Center Judge (Big 12)

Rod Ammari

Line-of-Scrimmage (PAC-12)