Registration is now open, ON-FIELD registration will close January 31

Available Positions

A variety of positions are available at SASA

Registration for SASA 2018 is now open for all positions.  We have positions suited for any up & coming official, regardless of what stage you are in your career.


The ON-FIELD position is for experienced college officials looking to make the next step into “Big Time” (D-1) officiating.  These positions are limited to 48 available spots (6 crews of 8) and are offered to qualified applicants after a vetting process.  These positions are offered to applicants viewed as having a legitimate shot at D-1 football and who are close to being ready to make that step.  On-Field students will be assigned a position on a crew and will work an entire game (150+ real snaps) and be evaluated with a full game review.  Not everyone who applies is ready for this position, and due to availability, not everyone who is ready will be offered a spot.  College experience is required to be considered for this position, and references will be consulted to ascertain an applicant’s potential and readiness to advance in officiating.  These students are “drafted” onto a crew by a crew mentor (experienced D-1 official) and crew training begins months in advance of the Academy.  If you are unsure whether you are qualified for this position, we encourage you to register and if you are not offered an on-field spot you will have first priority to accept a non-field position.


The NON-FIELD position is the same in all aspects other than these students will not work the game.  They will still be assigned to a crew and go through all the pre-Academy training and classroom work at the Academy.  Instead of working on the field they will shadow the on-field officials and observe the game with the training staff to receive maximum instruction and feedback.  This position is excellent for new officials with less experience as a way to get a taste of college officiating, as well as experienced college officials who have worked on the field and could benefit from a different role.  Some advantages to this position include the ability to select your mentor and crew (rather than be drafted) and to attend various classroom sessions (rather than your assigned position only).  If you currently have no college experience, we encourage you to apply only for this position.  If you are willing to accept either position, we ask that you apply for the on-field spot as that will not prevent you from accepting a non-field position if the on-field spot is not offered to you.


The REPLAY position is new this year and is for individuals interested in a career in replay, or in learning more about the replay process to enhance and round out their on-field skills.  Replay students will receive extensive classroom training regarding the philosophies, judgment and mechanics of replay, and will then put that training into practice for an entire game (150+ snaps) where they will work both the “R1” and “R2” positions.

1,000.00 USD

Training on all aspects of Replay

Game experience as Replay Official (“R1”)

Game experience as Communicator (“R2”)

Use of DV Sport replay equipment

World class replay training staff

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750.00 USD

Choose your crew & mentor

Attend any and all classroom sessions

Shadow on-field officials and trainers

Will take the proctored rules exam

Best value (max training at lower cost)

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Registration for On-Field positions closes January 31, other positions are open until April 30.

What people say about SASA

“I can’t wait for the season ahead. And coming back next year if accepted.”

DJ June, Cave Creek, AZ

“This Academy was extremely well run and organized. Coming from the east coast, I still felt it was worth every penny!”

Anthony Calabrese, Faifield, CT

“I’m already looking forward to coming back next year. Love the Academy.”

Ken Faber, West Jordan, UT


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