Classroom Trainers

The classroom trainer is the expert and ultimate authority (as far as SASA is concerned) regarding the details of his position. His job is to prepare clear and detailed training regarding mechanics, philosophies, judgment, communication and all other aspects of his position. He should use video to illustrate examples of his training and come to the Academy prepared with a specific and detailed training curriculum for his allotted time(s). He is responsible to break down video of the officials and prepare position training using that video including both positive and constructively critical plays for each on-field student. He may be asked, and should therefore be prepared, to give specific, real-time feedback to officials after observing their performance in games. He may also be asked, and should therefore be prepared, to evaluate/score officials on their performance at their respective position.

Chris Coyte

Referee (PAC-12)

Jeff Dahle

Deep Wing (PAC-12)

Justin Nelson

Back Judge (PAC-12)

Marvel July

Center Judge (Big 12)

Rod Ammari

Line-of-Scrimmage (PAC-12)

Tom Quick

Umpire (SEC)