Given the current state of affairs, we must all "reinvent” ourselves and not be fooled into thinking things will return to exactly how they were prior to the pandemic.  I do not feel we can deliver a top notch, quality driven product on the field right now and will forgo delivering a “B” or “C” level virtual product.  This is NOT the end to Stars and Stripes Academy, this is merely a break as “life” has intervened momentarily.

Given the enormous number of dynamic elements necessary to conduct a top quality, first class, in-person SASA, and the need to begin working on those details in January; and, because we cannot get definitive assurances at this time to obtain a hotel for the size of our group and the high schools schools will not make a decision now to allow us to play on their football fields, accordingly, our 2021 Stars and Stripes Academy has been cancelled.  Compounding the the matter even more, many conferences from the FCS level down to the Junior College level are planning to have their football season from late February through April and this would cause a logistical nightmare for SASA officials and staff.

Who we are

The Stars and Stripes Academy was created in 2012 by Karl Richins (former Big 12 referee and published author) and Ryan Dickson (NFL Side Judge #25) as a way to prepare officials for the experience of working “big time” football. The Academy is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, usually the second weekend in May.

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What we do

The Stars and Stripes Academy is intense training for officials focused specifically on “big time” college football. Small college and FCS level officials will prepare themselves to take the next step to D-1 football. High school officials will get a taste of the college experience and improve at their current level while preparing to advance in officiating.

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Why us?

There are a multitude of outstanding and worthwhile camps and clinics around the country, but Karl and Ryan wanted to create something different.  So what’s different about SASA?

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SASA begins May 28, 2020


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Non-field and Replay positions are still available.

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